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The Space XY slot emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. When you begin the game, your view is separated into three sections: the playing field (on the right), settings area (on the left side of screen) and working panel below it. In this panel, you can find auto spin up to 1,000 spins plus two betting selections- a bet size between 1.00 – 100.00 or alternatively a multiplier which varies from 0 to 10x.

UP TO $200 and 40FS
Invite your friends and 2 Win $50.00
Welcome Bonus up to $1500 and 150FS

Double your payoffs by playing both betting selections simultaneously! When using the autospin function, remember to adjust bets during pauses before each round. Additionally, you can also cash out while in autoplay mode – simply change the multiplier or depart from this feature.

The settings area gives you the option to turn on or off enchanting music and sound effects. You can access game instructions quickly by tapping on the book icon, where you’ll also be able to view other players’ wins in dollars, euros as well as cryptocurrencies.

Imagine a shadowy landscape where X and Y coordinates intertwine to create your rocket’s course. The X coordinate determines the length of the journey while each progressive multiplier has its own corresponding Y value.

At first glance, this game may seem straightforward; however, it is full of delightful surprises! You have the potential to win an impressive 10,000x your initial stake and a rare 97% RTP – both excellent news. Moreover, with its low-to-medium volatility rate there is the possibility for you to rake in massive wins!

Space XY Features

It’s understandable that Space XY doesn’t offer a paytable or added features such as free spins due to its strange concept. The only symbol in this game is the rocket you launch into orbit, which can help you gain profits on each spin!

space xy strategy.

So, what’s the gist of this game? You make your wagers for the upcoming round and await to watch your rocket take off into galactic journeys. Watch it carefully as it may vanish away into a never-ending abyss at any moment – if that happens you lose all bets. To dodge such disasters (metaphorically speaking!), cash out before the rocket explodes! Have a plan in place and trust your inner self; don’t leave anything up to chance here!

Space XY Winning Tips & Tricks

To increase your winning chances, it is not only essential to understand the rules of the game, but also comprehend Space XY tactics which will enable you to play at a higher level.

Monitor the game closely for any updates or changes!

Even if you’re not placing bets, Space XY will show the same events on your monitor as the other players. The crash game is entirely random and relies on a certified random number generator. However, after viewing it for some time, you’ll be able to predict what’s going to come up when you start playing Space XY with actual money.

Don’t let your prior attempts define you

Don’t get too hung up on past results. Just because the rocket flew farther in one round doesn’t guarantee that it will soar higher or further next time, and vice versa. Keep your head in the game and don’t let previous rounds define how you approach future ones.

space xy slot strategy.

Maximize your chances of success by placing two bets at once

You can capitalize on this function to your advantage. Suppose you bet an equal amount twice – after attaining a multiplier of x2 with the first, cash out and fully recover both wagers! On the other hand, gamble with the second in pursuit of higher multipliers. Depending on how much risk you’re willing to take, as well as what goals or objectives are desired from gaming; fluctuating ratios between bets and wins may occur accordingly.

Leverage the Auto-Cashout feature to maximize your profits

The automated cash-out feature works hand in hand with the Space XY strategy. To ensure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity, set your auto cashout to x2 for one bet, then manually withdraw any earnings from the other bets when satisfied. All it takes is clicking on the area next to that specific bet and customizing according to your needs!

Take control of your finances

While you may aspire to win x100 or more on your opening bet, it is crucial to make wise wagers in order to achieve such hefty multipliers. On the other hand, some players prefer smaller rewards as they allow them to wage higher amounts each round. Though utilizing these Space XY tips and tricks won’t assure a 100% success rate, they can help evade rookie missteps and could enhance your probability of winning.


Space XY, despite having a unique concept, is actually quite simple and straightforward to play. This game can be incredibly rewarding provided that you understand the rules and use certain tactics to increase your winning chances. With its low-to-medium volatility rate and potential to rake in massive wins, this game offers some delightful surprises.


What is the maximum multiplier in Space XY?

The maximum multiplier that you can achieve in Space XY is x100.

How often do I need to place bets?

You don't need to place bets frequently, as the game has low volatility rate and there is no set pattern for when the rocket will take off or crash.

Is it really possible to win big in this game?

Yes! It is definitely possible to win big in this game if you understand the rules and apply certain tactics such as leveraging the auto-cashout feature and betting twice at once! With a bit of luck, you could potentially rake in massive profits with Space XY.

Are there any special bonuses available?

Yes, Space XY offers bonuses from time to time that you can take advantage of to boost your earnings potential! You will need to keep an eye out for these offers and take full benefit when they become available.

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